Legal Harmony was established in August 2013 for choirs in or connected to the legal industry. It is a not-for-profit organisation that raises funds for and awareness of participating choirs’ nominated charities.

Since the inaugural event in May 2014, we have had over 35 choirs, from barristers chambers and law firms compete in our competitions, all raising money for their own charities. In June 2016 a Legal Harmony choir of over 200 barristers, solicitors and legal support sung in a Charity Gala at Central Hall Westminster. In total we have raised nearly £50,000 for charity to date.

There are three main focuses of Legal Harmony –

  1. To encourage firms to have choirs – it’s a great way to bond / team build as people come from all areas of their organisation. It’s completely inclusive;
  2. To raise as much funds and awareness of each choir’s chosen charity – so many firms see it as brilliant way to highlight their Corporate Social Responsibility
  3. To have fun singing – the competition is a fun event, where everyone is a winner

Money is raised through a range opportunities – including ticket sales, sponsorship, raffle prizes – with net proceeds being shared between charities nominated by each choir. The winning choir will be awarded the greatest share towards their charity with the balance being equally divided between the other charities.

A panel of expert judges, all with particular interest in or knowledge of choral music,  judge each choir on performance, technical ability and variety of repertoire. Different genres are positively encouraged.

Inspired to start your own choir in your office? Legal Harmony, through its connections within the wider choral network, can assist you if your organisation would like to set up your own choir but does not know where to start. Contact David Smith at david@legalharmony.co.uk for more information.

Legal Harmony, while focused on choral music encourages music of all genres. If you like live bands too, have a look at LawRocks! a battle of bands between law firms that is now into its ninth year, with many events being held globally during 2017.

Follow Legal Harmony on twitter @legalharmony or contact us through Facebook or join our group  .

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Tickets for Fiscal Harmony 12th October 2017 “Clash of the Choirs!”  are now available through Eventbrite (click on link).

Tickets for Legal Harmony 19th October 2017 “Clash of the Choirs!” will soon be available